Our TBD series will be enriched with new pumps

To keep up with demand our TBD series product line is also getting bigger and more diversified!

 TBD range will have the following new models:

- 80TBD1.5 (1,5 kW, Dn 80, 400V) and 80TBD2.2 (2,2 kW, Dn 80, 400V) – new models with 80 mm discharge for higher flows

- 80TBD5.5 (5,5 kW, Dn 80, 400V) and 100TBD5.5 (5,5 kW, Dn 100, 400V) – new models with 5,5 kW motor for higher capacity and head.

 TBD curve

TBD series pumps, equipped with 2-pole motors are lighter than TBS and are used for pumping mud and slurry at medium heavy duty construction/tunnelling and mining applications. Maximum capacity for TBD range now is 100 m3/hour and maximum head up to 32 meters.


All these new pumps will be stocked at our warehouse in Riga later this year, but they are already available for pre-order. Please ask your local dealer for a quote and more information!

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